Insulate right first time, good insulation is proven.

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

Insulation has two key features. Thermal and Acoustic solutions, Thermally its proven that for every dollar spent on insulation the home saves many more with reduced heating costs, reduced doctors visits, reduced days off work and School for the kids.

Remember you can change a light or plumbing fixture anytime, however it isnt as easy to upgrade your external wall insulation after the Gib has been installed. The higher the R-value the better the thermal performance. We recommend R2.6 Premier Glasswool or Premier R2.5 Polyester as a good solution for your external walls. The cost to return warms your wallet.

Choose insulation for mid floors or garage ceilings with an NRC rating to reduce the reverberation below. We recommend Premier Glasswool R3.6 140mm Skillion

Internal wall - insulating your internal walls evens the temperature throughout the whole while ensuring its quieter for all. An average new build home will cost you as little as $950**

We recommend R2.2 Premier Glasswool or R2.2 Premier Polyester

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