EVOAQ Landlord Solution Home Ventilation - ventilation system specifically designed for rental properties. The automatic control of the system means no controller is required - eliminating user input for your tenants and ensuring protection of your investment.

AQ220N systems (3 to 6 rooms) are suitable for houses up to 220m².

Kit Content:
1 x Built-In Controller using EVOAQ Intelligent Technology
1 x 150mm EVMF150-EC Mixed Flow fan
3 x 150mm Small footprint high velocity diffusers
1 x F7 Filter Box
1 x 150mm Double Branch Take Off
3 x 150mm Aluminium Ducting 6 meters length
1 x 150mm Acoustic Ducting 1.5 meters length

Please note: the above price is for the system only and does not include installation.

Landlord Solution Home Ventilation System 3 Room 220sqm house

SKU: AQ220N-3