Next generation of On-Demand Ventilation - ventilate your home and improve your indoor air quality completely automatically. The system monitors the air quality and ventilates as needed. No user intervention required. Just set and forget.


AQ220 systems (3 to 6 rooms) are suitable for houses up to 220sqm.


Kit Content:

1 x Built-In Controller using EVOAQ Intelligent Technology

1 x Wall-Mounted Ventilation Controller
1 x 150mm EVMF150-EC Mixed Flow fan
6 x 150mm ABS Flat Diffusers
1 x F7 Premium Filter Box
2 x 150mm Double Branch Take Off
1 x 150mm Y Branch Take Off
6 x 150mm Insulated Ducting 6 meters length


Please note: the above price is for the system only and does not include installation.

Positive Pressure Home Ventilation System 6 Room 220sqm house

SKU: AQ220-6